Understanding Cultural Values And Cognitive Traits Essay

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Understanding cultural behavior, values and cognitive traits are important attributes for current and future military leadership. Modern warfare in complex operational environments has forced the United States Army increased interaction between Soldiers and civilians. In today’s society cultural awareness is a sensitive and argued subject. Culture has many definitions depending on the audience because every interpretation differs throughout the world. Some define culture as, where one was raised others base it on food and some view it as morals and beliefs. Culture can bring people together; it can also cause major conflict. This is why it is important to understand cultures throughout the world. Cultural landscapes can be considered operational variables in planning (Woodward, 2014). As Soldiers we must be able to operate throughout the world and not embarrass ourselves or our country.
As Soldiers it is ingrained into us to only see green; to respect all values and beliefs. However, this is not the case throughout society. Ethnocentrism leads to disagreements, misunderstandings and major conflict. These issues could all be avoided by simply taking the time to understand we are different and that not being the same is not a bad thing. There is not one culture or belief that is superior or stands out more than any other. “Behaviors, values and cognition are the Cultural Variations and universal traits that can define variations within a culture” (Wunderle, 2006). Behavior…

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