Essay about Understand the Role of the Social Care Worker

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Understand the role of the social care worker

1.1 - Some of the major differences in a working relationship compared to a personal relationship include pay. You are normally paid to be in the environment in which you are working. You may be working closely with people you would not socialise with. Someone who may be leading others in a working relationship could be someone who in a personal relationship does not take a controlling role. In a work relationship there may be professional boundaries which dictate standards. You may have to address or communicate with someone in an objective manner rather than give your subjective opinion.

1.2 - Different working relationships include those with my colleagues, my line manager and the
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For instance new manual handling techniques may reduce risk of injury and harm to you or a service users.

3.1 - Working in partnership with others means that all parties understand what they are doing for the benefit of the service user. It helps build a bigger picture. The parties can include friends, family, GP's and other healthcare staff. A simple example could be that a service users GP is unaware that the service user is injuring themselves from frequent falls. By working with the GP we may be able to establish when and why the falls occur.

3.2 - Ways of working include recording and documenting information, sharing information and communicating it effectively. For instance if a service user hasn't been eating properly, ensuring this information is recorded and communicated to another colleague who will be with the service user at the next meal time will help identify if there are any ongoing problems with their appetite. If this continues there's a record of what has happened and the service users GP or district nurse can be informed. It then helps to identify problems quickly and minimise any risks.

3.3 - Conflicts should be dealt with in a professional non aggressive manner. You need to listen, be patient,rationalise and discuss. Sometimes it may not be possible to resolve the conflict and mediation may help.

3.4 - Support and advice from

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