Understand How to Assess Information and Knowledge Needs Essay

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Cheryl Codrington


To: the Managing Director of Oxford Business College


My aim of this report is to demonstrate an understanding of how important it is to assess the best approach to managing communications information and knowledge needs; using an examination of a range of decision-making examples used within the Oxford Business College.

There is a need for the approach to be logical and systematic because it helps to address the critical elements that result in good decision making. By being organised, you are less likely to miss important values; one can then build on the identified approach to make the decisions better, mainly by being aware of what the organisation aims to achieve.

Oxford Business
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Tactically: at the beginning of each term having the information necessary to sort out the time tables in order to locate students, to which room is made available to what course, choosing the right lecture. Working with the admissions department, having a database is essential as that’s the first place the students visit or phone to get information on how they can get onto a course.

It’s also important for the organisation has to have a plan to implement decision making, normally the management team respond much better to a clear plan. Making decision can be exciting and stressful; it is put into action to help those with the knowledge to deal with the emotions involved as objectively as possible, and its use as a structured approach to make the necessary decisions.

1.4 Decision-making models are qualitative, quantitative, or an integration of both. Research has indicated that quantitative models are less prone to error than qualitative methods in determining the decision that offers the highest utility to the decision maker

Hastie & Dawes (2001).

One has to be positive when making decisions as has been demonstrated at the Oxford Business college general meeting. The meeting is organised for the staff to discuss different issues, so that one can see what happens when the decision-making environment hasn't been established. It's so important for those attending to understand the issues before

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