Vaccines In Developing Countries Essay

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Due to the lack of funding developing countries don’t have a large access to the Public Healthcare benefits that developed and stable countries have. Underdeveloped or developing countries consist of places with less economic, industry, money and most important health care. Diseases are one the leading factors of sickness and death in developing countries and this is ignored by many. One may argue that there isn’t a need to send money for public health care in struggling countries that lack education. Many researchers believe that vaccines are more important; however, I argue that they aren’t emphasized as they should be because vaccines are vital for developing countries, the infectious disease more dangerous with each growing strain, and diseases affect children quicker than others. Due to this, I am arguing that vaccines should be distributed without restraint and on a priority basis to underdeveloped countries as Africa.
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“The CDC and the AAP recommend that healthy children get vaccinated against 14 diseases by age 2 and annual inoculation against flu”, (Heyworth). Children need to have the ability to fight the virus by the toddler age but due to money issues, underdeveloped countries don’t have access to that public health care. Younger children’s immune systems aren 't strong enough to fight vaccines and become immune and stronger. Often kids get sick after vaccinations or have other side effects. The possibles result of not getting kids vaccinated could be a growth of more serious diseases that could negatively strike the world. Due to the immune system of children, they need to be exposed to small amounts to have a grip on the diseases. This is important because controlling the virus is the best way to take a step for developing countries with other causes of

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