Essay on Underage Drinking

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Michael Cooper English 102-Laverty December 8, 2012 Under the age, over the limit!
Do you remember how cool you felt the first time that you drank? All of us younger kids, hanging out with the older kids, everyone getting drunk together. Thinking about this when I was younger really made me raise the question of why we have a legal limit to drink in the first place. Underage kids have had no problem getting alcohol for decades so why put a legal limit on it? When I found myself asking these questions the answers seemed to make sense; or maybe it was my senior year of high school when I got suspended for ten days. After that had occurred it made me think that maybe they have a limit on alcohol for a reason. One of
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For example, an underage drunk driver hit my girlfriend 2 months ago, and she has to see the neurologist three times a week for treatment. All because of one man’s simple mistake, her life, my life and all of her friends and family were greatly affected. Studies have found that alcohol consumption by teenagers can cause drastic changes in the development in personality and general behavior. Many teenagers that drink think that they are invincible and that nothing will ever happen to them, but only if they would read and pay attention to the signs that warn them about these dangers, they would probably think differently. It is shown that those who drink for a short term or just in moderation have been found to impair their learning and memory much more in young people than in adults. It is also possible that those who drink often may not ever be able to catch up on adulthood, because alcohol prevents the growth of systems that are responsible for learning and storing new information (Kaiser). The brain isn’t the only thing in the human body that is affected. Another main body part that is affected is the liver. In many teenagers’ minds, the liver is the last thing they think about when consuming alcohol. Alcohol affects one’s liver in very large amounts. Alcohol can lead to a major liver disease known as, alcohol induced liver disease, a major cause of illness and death in the United States (Kaiser). Studies have shown that about 10 to 35 percent of those who drink

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