Essay on Underage Drinking And The Drinking Age

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In the 1970 to 1976 in America the drinking age was lower from 21 to 18. However, the country paid a major price for doing this. There was a huge rise in the amount of teenager and young adults dieing in car crashes on highway due to drinking. (Main) This information was found in article call “Underage Drinking and The Drinking Age” written by Carla Main for Public Review in Jun/Jul 2009 magazine. In this article she argues the benefits of maintain the current drinking age at 21
In Main article, she introduces us to “The Amerthyst Initiative” which is a public statement created by John McCardell the president of Middlebury College in 2008. This statement calls for public officials to repeal the drinking age and lower it. In Main article she says “The primary argument made in the Initiative 's statement in favor of repealing the 21 laws is that the 21 laws make alcohol taboo, thus driving underage drinking underground and causing more binge drinking to take place than otherwise would, due to the allure of forbidden fruit and the need for secrecy. Hence, by lowering the drinking age, youth consumption would come out in the open and binge drinking would be largely reduced or even eliminated.” (Main) The second part of “The Amerthyst Initiative” is it strong belief in education. That the America could greatly benefit from teaching the youth the negative side effect of drinking and how to drink responsible. After Main has explain in her article what the “The…

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