Under The Radar Character Analysis

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Secondary Characters no more
In their performances my classmates brought secondary characters to life in three different ways. The first way was to have multiple speakers, such as in Pear and Sheridan’s performance, therefore dividing the number of characters that each had to portray. The second was to have a stand-in character bring a role to life that might have otherwise been dismissed; this was evident in Stacy’s performance. The third was to change the point of view of the story, thereby bringing that character to life, such as in Nicole’s performance. All of these performers attempted to add a new dimension to their performances, and some were more successful than others. Pear and Sheridan did a duo performance of Today Will be a
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Under the Radar is written in the perspective of the husband, Steven Reeves, but Nicole performed it from the point of view of the wife, Marjorie Reeves. This change of perspective was very different from Stacy’s because although the change enhanced Stacy’s performance it didn’t really change the effect of the story. When Nicole switched perspectives, however, the audience got to see the story from the opposite point of view. When I first read Under the Radar I empathized with the husband because it was told from his point of view. But when Nicole performed it I empathized with her character, the wife, because it was told from her point of view. It is interesting how the same words coming out of different peoples mouths can have different meanings. Nicole didn’t change the text except for a few pronouns, but I felt as though the wife was more of a victim, even when she ran her husband over with a car. The change wasn’t so dramatic that we lost the original story, however it did make us see it in a new light. This performance went above and beyond and brought us to a place that we probably weren’t expecting to go, and that is why I think it was an amazing

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