Unaccustomed Earth By Jhumpa Lahiri

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Week 4
Family and Friends
Task 7 – Ten suppressed inventions
Suppressed inventions are inventions that have been put an end to it by force. Wardenclyffe Tower is one of the suppressed inventions developed by Nikola Tesla. It could successfully send wireless electricity to any part of the world in abundance (Free Energy, n.d.). Although it has been suppressed because the funding for it was cut by J.P. Morgan, who also ostracized any further funding from any other organizations. Wardenclyffe tower is the one I like most of the suppressed inventions and the least liked invention is the chronovisor. It is a visor apparently allows the user to see efficient time. It sounds cool, but is considered fake by most due to its history been shrouded in
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Unaccustomed Earth
I have been reading a short story named Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri, an author who won the Pulitzer Prize. This story is about a woman named Roma who is keen to give her younger brother the unspoiled childhood that she never had but is devastated by guilt when her brother’s heavy drinking that impends her family. What makes the story most absorbing was the partial communication between the father and the daughter. They both are wholly engaged in the new culture. All in all, the story was thoroughly satisfied with a twisted end. I’m always looking forward for more stories like this.

Week 5
Task 10 – Contribution of Islamic Scholars
Al-Idrisi & Abu al-Qasim
There are several Islamic scholars who contributed their invaluable inventions to the world. Such as Al-Idrisi, he is a geographer who traveled many distant places to gather geographical data. He have completed precise measurements of the earth’s surface. He also made major contributions in the science of medicinal plants and wrote several books (Clark Labs, 2014) and there is Abu al-Qasim, he was a surgeon who thought up many tools needed for modern surgery. He revolutionized how the surgery was performed by inventing new methods and tools to help heal patients. (The Pioneer of Modern Surgery, n.d.). Kitab Al-tasrif was his greatest contribution which consists of encyclopedia of

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