Un Peacekeeping Force And The Political Settlement Of The Cambodia Conflict

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Peacekeeping force in Cambodia took a new shift in the way that it approached the situation happening. To discuss Cambodia, it was ruined by several wars in the country and this place became the new goal for the UN to rescue it and take full control. This project was different than everything else that had begun because it required that the UN reconstruct the whole country from top to bottom. With Cambodia there were two operations which effected it, this includes The United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) and the Paris Peace Agreements. The Paris Peace Agreement focused on what was required for to make sure there is peace and a new foundation brought to Cambodia. Throughout this paper I will be discussing UN peacekeeping force and the political settlement of the Cambodia conflict.
The fact that Cambodia was going through a struggle constituted for different nations to come together and draft up a proposal for the United Nations to get involved in the structuring of Cambodia. Before the plan to take over Cambodia began, there was the removal of several foreign forces in and around the border of the country. Cambodia needed a safe place to be and a safe place for people to want to return to. The role of the United States in peacekeeping is important to the focus of international dealings and security throughout nations. Peacekeeping in Cambodia proved to be the largest UN peacekeeping effort. Cambodia is located near Thailand, where most of the population…

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