U.s. Healthcare And Needs Analysis Essays

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Critique of U.S. Healthcare/Needs Analysis The U.S. is considered a wealthy and prosperous nation. There is an abundance of technology available compared to many other nations that can aid in preventing and treating health conditions that may develop. While an abundance of services are available in regards to healthcare, much disparity still remains. Many people still remain without insurance even with efforts to improve. People with physical disabilities have difficulty receiving assistance and struggle to have practitioners or take necessary medications due to lack of money or insurance. In turn, many people who are able to work receive assistance due to age or number of children. This just doesn’t seem fair.
After researching another country and looking at statistics that compare various nations, it seems that the U.S. is lagging behind to be such a rich nation. Other nations have managed to provide universal healthcare, so why can’t the U.S.? Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are concerned about making money, and that seems to be the only thing they are concerned about. Making money to maintain livelihood is necessary, but companies must be concerned about the health and well-being of their customers. Other nations save money by not having so much money involved with drug marketing and advertisement and use this to help those who cannot afford insurance. When the decision was made that gave states the choice of whether to expand…

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