Essay on U.s. Crude Oil Production

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1. What are the reasons for the decrease in U.S. crude oil production since 1970?
There has not been many new reserves found. The reserves cannot keep up with the consumption. The U.S. has not been able to replace the loss of oil with any new reserves. There is also an increase of cars in the U.S. that adds to the consumption amount.

2. The routes for oil and gas pipelines, as discussed in the section on
"Pipeline Politics" show both one that goes to the Mediterranean and one that goes to the Persian Gulf. Considering world economic growth (e.g., the countries whose economies are growing the fastest), why would this latter route have some advantages?
One advantage is that the book mentions that running pipeline through this area would be cheaper compared to other areas. Since the end point is the Persian Gulf, this could allow other countries to have the opportunity to export from there, like India. Another advantage is a good supply. Iran is third in the world for oil reserves and second for natural gas reserves.

3. What are the differences between secondary and tertiary enhanced recovery methods for oil extraction?
For the secondary method, water is injected into the reservoir, causing more pressure. One method that is tertiary is when steam is injected into the ground. The heat from the steam makes the oil les thick and lets it flow through the rock and well. Another example of tertiary ix that CO2 or nitrogen can be injected to increase pressure. Last tertiary…

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