Essay on U.s. Constitution And The Constitution

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The U.S. Constitution was written in 1787, and has lasted with only twenty-seven Amendments made to it in the past 228 years; an amazing feat in within itself, considering that the first ten were made within the first five years of having the Constitution and two others cancel themselves out. Even though the Constitution is old, it still provides the framework for our legitimate government today. The reason the Constitution is able to evolve so well with society is because it is based off of six broad principles and, through the rulings of court cases and informal amendment processes, it changes with the views of the people. Two of the principles of the Constitution are popular sovereignty and limited government. Popular sovereignty is the idea that people give some power to state and federal governments through Constitutions, which is exampled by the famous words “We the People…”. Limited government means exactly as it implies-our government is limited. More specifically, it only has the power that the people give to it in the Constitution and under law. An example of something that limits our government would be checks and balances, which is the method that the three branches of our government use to keep themselves from getting overpowered. In example, the President has the power to veto any laws that Congress wants to pass, which Congress can override with a two-thirds vote in both chambers. Also, courts can declare laws and actions unconstitutional, and the President…

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