U.s. And Un Involvement Essay

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U.S & UN Involvement

The expansion of communism, development of Cold War and the post War led to the development of an irrational fear of communism in the U.S, this led to anti communist laws and legislations in the U.S. After the use of Atomic bombs, the U.S felt “untouchable” and militarily superior; as the only country in possession of atomic bombs the U.S believed that they could rely on their atomic arsenal for national defense and War; therefore they cut their army because they regarded a big army as an unnecessary expense.
After the WWII Japanese territory was confiscated by the UN, and the UN appointed the U.S and Russia to establish a country in the Korean Peninsula; Russia took the northern portion and U.S.A took the southern portion(Stokesbury), both countries were in charge of training and helping this countries establish a government. The U.S (USFK) helped the Southern portion of Korea turn into an independent democratic government, known as Republic of Korea. In mid 1947 the Americans ended their military government in the ROK and agreed to provide advisers and training for defense forces.

Subsequently after the Outbreak of the Korean War the United Nations Security Council (UNSC)called upon the DPRK to cease its aggressive action(Stokesbury.36), seeing none results the UNSC passed the resolution 83, which allowed countries to assist South Korea, the U.S got the UN to agree on allowing the U.S to run the War; eventually Truman sent the U.S navy and army…

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