Types Of Welding And The Metal Arc Welding Essay

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There are 5 main types of welding process commonly used in industrial welding. They are; Gas Metal Arc Welding, oxy acetylene, Gas Tungsten arc welding, flux core, and Shielded metal arc welding. All welding procedures are important and useful for a variety of things.
Welding is the process by which two or more pieces of metal are joined or metal has material added to it to fill a hole. Welding process work by heating the base metal, or the material being on, to a liquid state. They then usually add filler material, in the form of wire or rods/electrodes. The filler material will also melt and mix with the base metal causes an irreversible bond fusing and strengthen the metal as it cools.
The most common process used in industrial arc welding is gas metal arc welding or GMAW. This one is one of the more common ones because it is a rather unskilled variety of welding. This process works by a wire touches a base metal and a current is forced through it, causing it to fuse to the base metal. Movement of the wire causes proper bonding and strengthen of a connection. Use a spool of wire for filler metal and has a variety of wires. The different color wire options Ohio for a variety of metals to be welded on. This allows for molding of both Eros and non-ferrous materials. Non-ferrous materials include things such as aluminum, nickel copper mine museum and titanium. This welding is Simi-automatic as wire speed and conductivity is controlled by a trigger. As you press the…

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