Types of Terrorism Essay

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Terrorism in the United States has taken a big step since 9/11. After 9/11 there have been more and more police officers working. There are a lot or terrorist groups around the world but there are also motivational terrorist. The word terrorism does not really have a straight forward definition because there is different form of terrorism. The types of terrorisms that is around that people know are state sponsored terrorism, dissent terrorism, terrorists from left and right, religious terrorism and criminal terrorism. State sponsored terrorism can be defined as a government that supports any actions of terrorism. State sponsors are driven by a number of reasons, a number of which is intersected. There are frequently political, and is …show more content…
Out of all these types of terrorism the one I feel stands out to be more dangerous than the rest would be religious terrorism. The reason being is I feel with so many different religions in the United States sooner or later a group of people who believe differently would take it upon themselves and attack whether the president mayor or anybody. Even religious outside of the US can be harmful who knows maybe a different country who believes in to attack may target the US in attempt to do what they believe. The religious terrorism is unpleasing extermination that is passed out or executed by conflicting religious combatants and competitors who need to use religious terrorism as key weapon to threaten the majority of the oppose to the lesser, It’s true that the frail minorities always uses religious terrorism because they can’t battle or increase any regional or religious independence in their native land, and this is the fact that there is no other choice but use religious terrorism. Most people in the community only use religious terrorism if the government is profane and it supports in courtesy for the lesser, and we’ve seen majority in vengeance to do and obligate religious terrorism. It’s understandable that some profane governments to use religious terrorism as arsenal device and political assignment to stay in control while overthrowing and connecting their political foes for the state leadership. Some of the resident, regional

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