Types Of People And Cultures Essay

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As people, we encounter many different types of individuals in our everyday lives. A person can encounter this interaction walking, driving, and shopping. This intersection of different people and cultures is called a borderland. For instance, Atlanta, Georgia happens to be one of the most diverse cities or borderlands there is. Atlanta is filled with many different languages, races, and foods. The diversity of cultures is extremely evident in the downtown area. For instance, walking in Midtown a person will find a variety of different attractions like art museums, churches, and restaurants. Whereas if you went into another section the vibe will be completely different. One can’t have the same city experience every single day. As a student at Georgia State University, I have encountered many of these characteristics of a borderland. I see, hear, and smell many different things in my walk to class. For instance, Broad Street is a prime example of a border. It’s location is centered around many different cultures. Broad Street is a diverse street filled with many foods such as Vietnamese, languages like Spanish, and people from all walks of life, that promotes cultural unity and diversity.
The first part of the semester our class has been discussing borders and borderlands. This includes different cultures, languages, and foods intersecting each other in a given area. I believe that Broad Street can be considered a borderland. It brings together a variety of different cultured…

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