Essay on Types Of Bacteria And Diseases

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Proper hand washing plays a huge role in fundamental aspect of nursing. One of the main cause for transmitting infectious diseases is the lack of hand washing. Many people do not realize that by simply washing their hand, they are preventing the spread of countless diseases and infections. Proper hand washing is not only important in a hospital setting, but also in a house hold because it is very important to properly wash your hands after going to the rest room, before and after eating, or petting any animal. The man reason for this is that you are not transferring germs or diseases from one place to another, you are basically limiting the spread of those germs. Another reason is that there are many different types of bacteria and diseases that a human eye is unable to see but can cause serious damage to an individual’s health or may also result in death. Looking back at the history of washing hand, it all started in the 1800’s when there was a shocking increase in the death rate of mothers during childbirth. “Dr. Semmelweis who ordered his medical students and junior physicians to wash their hands in a chlorinated lime solution until the smell of the putrid bodies they dissected in the autopsy suite was no longer detectable” (Dr. Howard Markel). Semmelweis told the physicians to wash their hands because he come to realize that there were more deaths in doctor’s clinic then midwifes clinic. The reason for that was the students at the doctor’s clinic had little pieces of…

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