Types Of Attachment Style A Person Practices Essay

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Culture is one of the main factors behind the type of attachment style a person practices in child rearing. Every culture practices attachment in different ways. Whether a child forms a secure or insecure relationship to their caregiver does not necessarily depend on the cultural practice of attachment. My Hispanic culture will practice attachment differently then someone of Asian culture. My Hispanic culture and the attachment style my culture practices formed who I am today in many ways. To understand how your culture influenced the attachment you received in life you must first understand what attachment is.
Attachment can be defined in many different ways depending on its source. After reading the material and prior knowledge on the topic I see attachment as the emotional bond a child and adult have. This emotional bond is usually formed with a primary caregiver and continues during the childs life into adulthood. In many cases the primary caregiver is the mother. Attachment for the child brings a sense of security knowing the primary caregiver will be providing basic needs and more.
Attachment to a caregiver is very important for the childs overall development and wellbeing. With positive and secure attachment children will learn many valuable lessons in life. “Children learn important lessons about how to interact with other adults and peers in relationships. They learn how to communicate effectively, how to negotiate and cooperate with others, and how others will…

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