Types, Causes And Treatments Of Cancer

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ALL ABOUT CANCER Cancer can be everywhere and can be in anyone at the same time when no one knows it. Cancer affects people in different ways. Around the world today, there are many different types of cancer. All cancers have their own cause and treatments. Some of these treatments of cancer include chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Some of the causes are smoking, drinking and sometimes eating certain foods. It is important to understand the different types, causes and treatments of cancer because they can harm people when they have been done or are still using them.
There are many different types of brain cancer. Some are noncancerous or benign cancer and other types are cancerous, malignant tumors. Brain cancer
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Some of those oils can include vegetable oil, cooking spray that depends on the brand, and even refined oils can be dangerous to be cooked with certain foods. Eating canned tomatoes causes cancer, a chemical called BPA on the inside of the can, which causes multiple cancers like heart diseases. Those types of oils have very bad fatty acids in them that are very harmful to the body. Vegetable and seed oils can be very harmful when used a lot when cooking with foods.
Microwavable popcorn is another cause of cancer. The lining of the bag has a chemical that causes liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancer. Popcorn can be healthy if it is air popped. The last cause of cancer is due to genetics. Some types of cancers come from the parents and their parents. When someone has cancer and they have children, that cancer disease can transfer to that child and can keep on going from generation to generation.
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Most treatments for leukemia are chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant. If chemotherapy does not work, then they do the bone marrow transplant. Most of these treatments are used if they did not work. Then they move to the next treatment that they do.
The treatment that is recommended for prostate cancer is monitoring, like in leukemia, radiation, surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy, and there are many other different types of treatment for prostate cancer. Prostate cancer treatments are sometimes harder than other treatments for other cancers. The reason why it can be harder for treatments is because of where the prostate is located and how it has been took care of. Some of the treatments listed above can affect how they behave after it is done. Prostate cancer is sometimes hard to live with
Lymphoma treatment includes chemotherapy, medications, radiation therapy, and rarely stem cell transplant. For stem cell transplant treatment is mostly if needed for the patient. Breast cancer treatment is basically chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation for the main treatments. These treatments may be difficult for the patient because it is somewhat hard for them to do by themselves. There is also some risk factors when people are told they have cancer. They think of some other people with the same disease and they ask them what they are “When someone has

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