Essay on Types And Structures Of A Business

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When starting a business there is a lot more to it than just buying a space and putting merchandise inside. There are a lot of factors that go into the makeup of a business. There are a few things to set up when creating a business. This paper will state, explain, and give examples of the types of businesses, structure of the business, and a real life example of businesses with those make ups. Then using the various types and structures found, and the real life business for examples, a new business will be built using all of the following factors. A type of business is the way it is formed, owned, and operated. Possibly one of the most well-known types of businesses is a franchise business. A franchise business could have one, or multiple owners. Typically, a person starts a franchise when they want to be their own boss but don’t want to risk of starting their own business from the ground up. Though the owner of a single part of a chain, also known as the franchisee, has power over the employees inside of it, the franchiser, the owner of the whole franchise, has power over the franchisee and ownership over the trademarks of the business. This is well said in the article “what is a franchise”, in franchising, franchisors (a person or company that grants the license to a third party for the conducting of a business under their marks). (citation). An example of a franchise is quite possibly the most well known in the world. McDonald’s. Owning a total of 15,671 units…

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