Two Child Policy Essay

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China is the world’s most overpopulated country. The country’s size, wealth, and economical power causes the population to be 20 percent of the world’s population. The current population is 1,405,756,950 as of December 11, 2015 at 9:03 a.m. (Worldometer,2015). Their one child per family policy has caused their country to lack in assistance for their elders. Recently they have started the two-child policy to balance out growth among the population. There is a prediction of what is going to happen beginning of 2016 because of the results of the one-child policy. Most of the population should increase but it 's not a definite answer in what they want to know. I 'm stating it 's a good thing but women having multiple children with many men may help to increase the population but that plays with the two-child policy. In China it is really a male dominated country ,therefore they see the women as inferior. My only question is why don 't they bring in other people 's countries to make their …show more content…
Chinese government sometimes don 't want to be involved with other nations or people because they feel as if they can do it on their own. (Economy,2011). Without a doubt China has to face horrible environmental issues. It 's a lack of numerous things in the government which contribute to the factor of their lack of resources. The things they use the save these resources are hazardous. Social class in the population determines how well your resources are. Overpopulation as we all know is the main cause of their lack of environment there in China. (Hutchison,2009). When certain people try to prevent something 's they face a lot of local barriers between people. I feel as if the government has more thoughts on profit than actually taking care of their environment. When doing things they had a cause and effect matter. Mainly a if they do something to benefit it they are actually doing something bad

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