Two Causes And Two Types Of Pancreatic Cancer

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There are two types of Pancreatic Cancer. One type is called exocrine pancreatic cancer. With this one there is a thing called adenocarcinomas. This means the cancer usually begins in the ducts of the pancreas. Adenocarcinomas has a ninety-five perfect of being the leading cause of the cancer. Ampullary cancer is another type of exocrine cancer. This cancer is where the bile duct and pancreatic duct come together and empty into the small intestine. Ampullary cancer is not technically a pancreatic cancer but it is very similar so it is put into this category. ( The tumors for pancreatic cancer are called pancreatic endocrine tumors. These tumors are so uncommon to where they less than five percent of the cancer. These tumors can …show more content…
The DNA type of genes this would be a result of cell mutation that does not have the right functions so it can begin to grow uncontrollably. This can be caused when you were born and not particularly from family. Family type of genes is something different. This is merely genetic results from your parents. This is only a low chance of you getting pancreatic cancer because of family traits. There is only a ten percent chance of this actually being the main cause of your pancreatic cancer. Carcinogens on the other hand is known to be a leading cause of damaging DNA and helping cancer and it can help the cells grow uncontrollably Some medical issues would be age. The reason age is an issue is because as you get older the higher risk you have of cancer causing mutations in the DNA. It is not any age though it normally occurs over the age of sixty. Pancreatic cancer is normally known to be in men but women have a chance of getting the cancer. Skin color is an aspect of this cancer. Tests have shown that African Americans have a higher chance of getting this cancer than whites do. Smoking just like a lot of things is a cause of pancreatic cancer, it increases your chance of getting the cancer by two or three percent. Being overweight and having a terrible diet is a cause of this cancer. People who do not eat a lot of vegetables and fruits but a lot …show more content…
Know these drugs can help with pancreatic cancer but there is a list of them so one may work for one patient but then that drug might not work for another patient. So it all varies depending on the patient. ( The treatments for pancreatic cancer depend on what stage you are in. So if you are in stages one and two surgery, surgery followed by chemotherapy, surgery followed by chemoradiation, or a trial of a different chemotherapies. Stage three cancer patients will need the following: palliative surgery or stent placement if the small and large intestines are blocked, chemotherapy followed by chemoradiation, chemoradiation followed by chemotherapy, chemotherapy with or without targeted therapy, and there are always new clinical trials to try to cure the cancer. Stage five pancreatic cancer needs palliative treatments to relieve pain or just the same as stage four. ( Pancreatic cancer has not yet been found curable

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