Twins Essay

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The James-Lange Theory, in summarization, suggests that our emotions are triggered by physiologial reactions to events. When we cry due to a loss it leads us to feel sorrowful, yelling and becoming violet towards someone who upsets us causes us to feel anger, shaking or being scared easily if someone was to jump out at us causes us to feel fear. According to James and Lange there is a physiological, or visceral experience, accompanying every major emotion. We can determine the exact pattern of these responses that can help us to reveal the emotional experience. Researchers argue with this theory. According to some, this information cannot necessarily be proved. If a stranger approaches you from a dark alley during the night, and you're …show more content…
For one thing, we now understand that the hypothalamus and the limbic system, not the thalamus, play a major role in emotional experience. In addition, the simultaneous occurence of the physiological and emotional responses, which is a fundamental assumption of the Cannon-Bard theory, has yet to be demonstrated conclusively. This ambiguity has allowed room yet another theory of emotions: the Schachter-Singer theory. (p. 270) Cannon and Bard don't seem to think there is an issue with or any different physiological patterns, just as long as the message being sent to the cerebral cortex is different, and knows the difference in the emotions, and what is making them feel that way according to the emotion-producing stimulus. The Schachter-Singer Theory, or two-factor theory of emotion, states that all of our emotions are based on two factors: physiological arousal and cognitive label. They conducted a test which states when we feel emotions a physiological arousal occurs. The person who is using the immediate environment to conduct a search for emotional cues to label the physiological arousal. This actually can cause a misunderstanding when it comes to interpreting emotions according to the physiological state of the body. As stated by Feldman (2010) : The purpose of th experiment was to determine how the participants would react emotionally to the confederate's behavior. When they were asked to

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