Twin Behavior Research Paper

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Twin Behavior: Intervening
60 to 80 percent of children entering into foster care have at some time been abused or neglected because of various types of familial substance abuse. It has been noted that “violence among drug/alcohol using adults is common and frequently observed by young children” (Dore, Nelson-Zlupko, & Kaufmann, 1999/1999, para. 9). Children who have gone through the arena of family violence most times enter school showing cognitive delays, decreased attention spans, problems with their concentration, also along with various types of emotional and behavioral problems. In the article I researched it states, “we developed and tested a group intervention that could be readily applied in elementary schools and other community agencies
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In considering the effects of the family violence situation in the home of Amee and Aaron; we must understand the different effects of twins compared to single individuals. It has been noted many times that twins hold a special bond with each other, but they also have different personalities. In saying this one must take into consideration of the effect on one compared to the other. If one consideration is looked at I think it must be the relationship the parents have with each child. Where one child may cater to the mother and the other to the father, if this is considered with one child feels more hurt than the other? It is stated in the scenario, “Josh picks a fight with Lacy over petty issues and starts hitting her. Amee and Aaron try to protect their mother. As they tug on their father 's leg, he stops hitting Lacy, falls to the floor, and begins to cry.” One child may have remorse for the violence to their mom while the other may have remorse for the reaction of their father. So, in saying this there could be great differences in the response of each child for different reasons. We can also see the violence in the home is affecting the behavior in the
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I am not sure if the children are same sex twins which would cover gender. I do believe when intervening with family violence it needs to be a team effort. According to the DHHS it states, “ A team approach to crisis intervention is desirable because each team member can develop some expertise in one or more of the following theories and in the best techniques to be used with differing client populations and crisis situations” (Gentry, 1994, para. 1). In working with families experiencing family violence one must consider the knowledge of working with individuals outside of one’s gender, diversity, and ethic skills. There is a great challenge in working with families that feel one may not understand their position. If one can show the professional has experience and knowledge of working with specific groups, it gives a more relaxed atmosphere. It can open channels of communications and openness. I believe it is important to gain the trust of the individual one may be working with. It may also help in having another professional in

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