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Twelfth Night Essay While many will agree that Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is critically acclaimed to be one of the most entertaining and well-liked pieces that he has written, there tends to be a discrepancy over how the characters in the play are portrayed when it comes to the importance of gender roles. After reading James C Bulman’s article over the Globe’s more recent performance of Twelfth Night and Shakespeare’s original written version, I realized that there are many ways that this famous piece has been portrayed and each has its own pros and cons. Shakespeare's Twelfth Night examines patterns of love and courtship through a twisting of gender roles. The play centers on the lead female role and protagonist, Viola, who …show more content…
Like I said: believability. If the play calls for a homosexual relationship then there needs to be a homosexual relationship. It would not register correctly to have a female play a male who is in love with a male, right? The idea that the entire cast be one sex is ludicrous. This notion completely distorts the audience’s perception of the story at hand. One relationship that is often observed in different lights is the one between Antonio and Sebastian. Some might say that in the original play Antonio has romantic, homosexual feelings towards Sebastian. In the received text of Twelfth Night, the character Antonio is believed to have a very strong bond and almost love-like attraction to the character Sebastian. Demonstrating these passionate feelings towards Sebastian, Antonio states, “if you will not murder me for my love, let me be your servant” (2.1.31-32). Antonio has various moments throughout the play where it is questionable whether he considers Sebastian as a potential love interest. On the flip side, Nunn’s portrayal of Antonio and Sebastian’s relationship looks much more platonic, and they seem to strictly have strong admiration for each other. When it comes to famous pieces like Shakespeare’s plays, there is always going to be differences in opinion and discussions up for grabs. Some may choose to stick to traditional ways like Nunn had in his version of Twelfth Night and others may choose to

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