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General Introduction
1. Ice-breaking session.
2. Self-introduction by tutor and students.
3. Briefing on course requirements.
4. Tutorial expectations and participation.
5. Briefing on Group Report & Oral Presentation (requirements and expectations).
6. Team formation for Group Report. (4 members per group)
7. Tutor assigns question and time for oral presentation & group report
** Oral presentation and group report submission will starts from Week 3 to 5**

**Important note**
Students are required to sit for one (1) online test on Week 3. Please make sure that you are registered under this course and be able to access to CEL to take the test.
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In addition, the selection process provides information to applicants about the organization. Candidates learn about the organization and, if they perceive a conflict between their values and those of the organization, they can self-select themselves out of the applicant pool.
b) In addition to selection, the actions of top management also have a major impact on the organization's culture. Through what they say and how they behave, senior executives establish norms that filter down through the organization as to whether risk taking is desirable; how much freedom managers should give their employees; what is appropriate dress; what actions will pay off in terms of pay raises, promotions, and other rewards; and the like.
c) Finally, no matter how good a job the organization does in recruiting and selection, new employees are not fully indoctrinated in the organization's culture. Because they are unfamiliar with the organization's culture, new employees are potentially likely to disturb the beliefs and customs that are in place. The organization will, therefore, want to help new employees adapt to its culture. This adaptation process is called socialization. This is when the organization seeks to mold the outsider into an employee "in good standing."
Employees who fail to learn the

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