Essay about Tuskegee : The Tuskegee Study

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I went with an expectation that I already know what the movie was about because I have read about the Tuskegee study before. This movie showed what the Tuskegee study was about. This study was conducting an experiment among black men in Tuskegee, Alabama who had syphilis but without treating them. However, while watching I was very surprised at what I saw. The thing that surprised me the most was that it was a black doctor and nurse, who encouraged the men to participate in this experiment without even telling them the true about what they had. I can see why they used basic word to explain what they had “bad blood”, but the problem is that this word did not truly explain the disease. I am truly ashamed and sad that we black people tend to belittle our fellows who are not educated. The act of putting down others was seen in Nurse Evers.
First, we see that Nurse Evers was the one who came with the word “bad blood”, and was the one who spread the news that participating to this experiment would cure the men because at first this study was going to help the people in her community. But when the funding was stop and the new suggestion of the men to participate without being treat, she did not tell the men of the change of plan. She lied to them and still stay with them. I really think lying to person and still pretending that everything is fine, is worse than a killer. Also when some of the participants started to die, she was the one suggested to give the participant fifty…

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