Tupac Shakur And Kurt Cobain Essay

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Music has the ability to bring people of the world together. Musicians are the ones in power to affect the society through lyrics and instruments. Over the years the power and style of music has had a drastic change in the world. Artists such as Tupac Shakur and Kurt Cobain have had a strong influence and significance to popular music by providing fans with timeless music, instead of just being part of a trend. Tupac Shakur was an artist who spoke about things going on in the urban environment, making him relatable to many of his fans who were from urban areas. Growing up surrounded by members of the Black Panther Party, with members ranging from his parents to his aunt and godfather, Tupac had a very revolutionary view of the world. Present in his interviews, such as his Vibe interview from May 1996 where he states in anger after being released from jail: “the streets did not teach me that thug life could never die, the world taught me that.” Tupac’s doctrine, also known as Thug Life, is understood by his fans as getting through obstacles even though one is not as privileged as others but still reaching success. Taking Thug Life to the extreme, in 1993 Tupac and his friends: Big Syke, Macadoshis, Rated R, and his stepbrother Mopreme Shakur formed a rap group named after their way of life, Thug Life. Their only album as a group, Thug Life: Volume 1, went gold even though a lot of songs were taken off the original tracklist by Interscope Records due to the bad…

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