Tuition Policy, Campus Sexual Assault, And Veteran 's Education

1254 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
The matters of the education system that concern me are a few things I read from AASCU as far as the tuition policy, campus sexual assault, and veteran’s education benefits. I am most concerned with these issues because I can relate to them and agree with them. I feel that we need to take a stand to make these things something everyone wants to be taken care of.
The tuition policy is one of the most talked about subjects throughout colleges. The AASCU sates that, “Tuition policy activity in the months ahead will be marked with tension involving many competing forces: calls for holding the line on tuition, maintaining academic quality, and effectively managing stagnant or declining enrollment in many states.” I feel that it should not be a fight every time it is time to pay for tuition. I think that the schools do need to lower their prices and make better decisions in their spending’s especially at universities. The big named universities are more worried about making their college the most fun by adding swimming pools in the dorm buildings, rock climbing walls, and other none educational resources. If they did not buy all of these exciting things to make sure their university was fun they would not have to have such a high tuition. Community colleges are fairly priced people need to realize not everything can be handed to you and if you want something you have to work for it. President Obama has recently addressed making community college free so every will have two…

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