Trump, By Donald Trump Essay

1447 Words Nov 17th, 2016 6 Pages
In the realm of world politics, there are many individuals that could receive the title of most influential, but the new president- elect of the United States (US), Donald J. Trump is currently under the spotlight of the political world. Donald Trump, just over a year ago, was a billionaire business man that had never been involved in politics, now he is the future president-of the United States of America, this in turn allotting him the title of most influential person in world politics today. From a billionaire real-estate developer, to TV host, and a best selling author Donald Trump has held many different positions in society, but he had never held and elected position in office or been submerged into foreign policy. Coming in as an outsider and entering the political stage, in what can be deemed as the highest position in US government, Trump approaches his job thinking in terms of realism and focusing on security, connections, and power, currently making him the most influential person in world politics.
Donald J Trump, until recently, was widely known for his skills as a business man and entrepreneur. Trump made his fortune by developing commercial and residential properties in Manhattan, and casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey (Trump, 2016). Trump also began to acquired airlines and became a best selling author around the late 1980’s. Throughout the 2000’s he became the host of the reality television show The Apprentice, which later branched off into two spinoffs.…

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