Truman 's The Atomic Bomb Essay

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World War II was a time of great destruction worldwide. From bombs being dropped, grenades blowing up, and all of the warfare that happened on the ground one can only imagine how bad the destruction was. Toward the end of the war the United States used the atomic bomb to try and get Japan to surrender from the war. The atomic bomb is known as one of the deadliest bombs. Many people believe that it was not right to use to use such a deadly weapon because the war was close to being over. Many people also defended using the atomic bomb. Examples of people defending the use of the atomic bomb are Harry S. Truman’s The Atomic Bombing of HiroShima- The Public Explanation and Karl T. Compton’s If the Atomic Bomb Had Not Been Used. Both of these giving many good reasons why the atomic bomb needed to be used. One of the first main points that Truman gives as to why the atomic bomb was a good thing was employment. Truman states “Employment during peak construction numbered 125,000 and over 65,000 individuals are even now engaged in operating plants.” This stat goes to show how many jobs that the making of the atomic bomb created. This was also a great thing for the United States economy because this was only six years after the great depression and, many people were still trying to bounce back from the depression and try to reach a stable economic state. Truman goes on to say that the United States was going to use the atomic bomb for revenge. He says “We shall destroy their docks,…

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