True Friends : A True Friend Essay

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A True Friend A friend is someone who vibes with someone on so many levels that they tend to develop real, meaningful love and support for someone. They build what we call it a bond that nobody can come between. One can always call someone a friend but a true friend is totally different. True friendship influences people to portray their friends as more than friends more like family. A true friend is someone who allows their friends to be themselves around, someone who knows their friend inside and out, and someone that appreciates the spectacle that their friends are. True friends can be labeled as supporters and very strong communicators. They are the ones who agree with their friends and agree with their friends within any situation or predicament that their friend get involved in. They; however, aren’t going to influence them to partake in things that they are certain will affect their friend or their friendship with their friends in any way. They protect their friend when their presences are unknown and they defend them whether they are present or not. They are the ones that stick by their friends through sicknesses, hardships, and even the times that they succeed. They never leave their side unless urgent because we all have our personal lives. True friends are people who are what we call it today, “Real not fake”, which is a signal for someone that we can trust. We can’t trust fake people but we can trust real people which are the true friends. However, I label…

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