The Trojan War Chapter Summaries

Book 1 takes place during the events leading up to the Trojan War, and it starts with the Achaean (Greek) army during one of its many raids on the cities surrounding Troy. The army discovers two beautiful maidens, Chryseis and Briseis they then award the maidens to the commander and chief Agamemnon (AG) and Achaean’s greatest warrior Achilles (AC). Now Chryses Chryseis’s father shortly discovers his daughter is missing and demands AG return her at once, but AG says no. So Chryses prays for Apollo to send a plague down on the Achaean camp and he does. Now a week and a half go by and King AG still has not returned the daughter so AC behind AG’s back calls a council together to determine what is causing this plague one member of the council …show more content…
Now he is most important partly because Athene gives him great wisdom and courage. Now at one point Pandaros wounds DI he appeals to Athene for aid, so she gives him the gift of being able to distinguish between the gods and men, but with this gift she gives him a stern warning to not fight against any of the gods because it would not end well for him. Yet conveniently Aphrodite’s son Aeneas is nearly killed by DI so she comes down to protect her son. Now in a fit of frustration because of her intervention DI stabs Aphrodite in the hand. Because of this incident Aphrodite flees the battle field crying to Zeus who tells her the battle field is not the same as love (basically saying the battle field is no place for a woman). Now Ares being the war god he is decides to get in on the action so he fights for the Trojans. Next as what seems to be a continual theme in this Book gods behaving like humans that is Ares is getting a little carried away so after seeking permission from Zeus, Hera and Athena go give aid to the Achaeans so they can defeat Troy. So Hera gives courage and strength to the battered Achaeans while Athena heals DI and gives him a little pep talk encouraging him to not fear Ares. So DI …show more content…
While the Achaeans want to give it a proper burial. So while all this chaos occurs Athena and Apollo join in.
Book 18
Now in Book 18 AC learns of the death of his friend Patroklos he cries, and beats his breast in agony, now in the midst of this AC’s mom Thetis comes down to tell AC that if he avenges his friends death he too will be killed. But AC does not listen, so that night the Trojans hold a war meeting and some guy suggests they stay in the city and only fight off attacks from the battlements, but Hektor says they should stay in the field and all his men agree with him. Now back to AC he begs his mom to make him new armor she talks to Hephaistos and he makes AC new armor.
Book 19
In Book 19 once AC receives the armor he assembles the Achaean army together to announce that his feud with AG is over. Although AG gives AC many gifts including AC expresses he clearly wants to get on with the war. But before they go into battle Odyssey points out the warriors are hungry and tired so AC allows the battle to begin the next day. Although the next day before he does go into battle he chastises his horses for allowing Patroklos to die they say it wasn’t their fault the gods killed

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