Trope In Everyday Life

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Trope are used in everyday life. The essays I read were “Don’t Eat Before Reading This”, by Anthony Bourdain, “Men Explain Things to Me”, by Rebecca Solnit, “The Tale Telling Days Are Over”, by Ian Frazier, “From Jamaica to Minnesota to Myself”, by Marlon James. Many people use it for others to understand their feelings in one way or another. Trope has typically five different expressions they use throughout their essays. Trope is any unit of figurative language such as simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia or hyperbole. Trope is used to describe a word or phrase in which causes an artistic affect. Reading these essays, I would of thought that they would be more intersecting I wasn’t really motivated to continue reading but had no choice. I found many creative facts the authors had throughout their essays. In the article, “Don’t Eat Before Reading This”, Bourdain discusses how food and blood/organs relate to one another. He says that all food, healthy or unhealthy, put you in a danger. He goes over about how cooks are in that …show more content…
The people there were much older than the two and rarely any girls. They discussed books that have been written. One book that was stressed was the Muybridge. This seemed to be a scare to talk about with men. It was said to be very important and placed into categories in which men had their way of explaining different situations/things. In the saying, guests drifted out into the summer night(metaphor), he is saying that the people are partying and dancing the night away. This encouraged the girls to stay longer and describe the story. When she begins the talk to the host, he states that she has written a couple of books. She replies with, “Several” (hyperbole). She literally did not mean several books. She referred to writing many as a whole bunch. She made an exaggeration about the number of books she has

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