`` Trifles `` By Susan Glaspell And A Doll 's House By Henrik Ibsen

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It is really hard to tell whether someone is in a good marriage or a bad marriage. Married couples in the street may look happy and appealing, but behind closed doors, it is really hard to tell. Sure we can listen to what they are going through in their household, but we just ignore it because it is their business. There are not many of stories about what men go through in their marriage; however, there are many of popular stories of what women go through. "Trifles" by Susan Glaspell and "A Doll House" by Henrik Ibsen were plays that helped shed light on what women go through in marriage. Women face certain elements in their marriage such as controlling husband, the social bondage, and the choices they have to make when they could not take it anymore such as divorce. Nora and Mrs. Wright 's experienced similar issues that women face today such as Mr. Wright and Helmer control over their happiness and themselves, the struggle to advance as individuals with a society that discriminate women, and the decision to murder or leave the husband when their society and spouse failed to support them.
Mrs. Wright and Nora’s problem was that their husbands were owning them as if they were their property. In “Trifles”, Mrs. Wright was happy when she was single and Mr. Wright controlled her life after getting married, so that was the reason why she ended up being dead inside. If he would have just appreciated the fact that he was married to Mrs. Wright and had not taken control of her,…

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