Trifles : A Woman 's Keeping The Truth Behind A Murder A Secret

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Feminism in Trifles Trifles may be about two women keeping the truth behind a murder a secret, but feminism is also slipped into the play, and plays a key role within the performance. Feminism in Trifles was radical; it was very clear from both the performance watched in class, as well as script. This makes sense because the play is set in the late 19th century, and it was typical for women to be treated so discourteously. Glaspell showed her view of feminism through the way two women acted when the men were in the room, the way the men talked to women, and the ideal of hiding evidence because they understood what Mrs. Wright was feeling. Feminist movements were becoming quite popular during the time when this play was written. The literal definition of feminism according to Merriam-Webster is: “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities” (“feminism”). Leading to a harsher treatment of women from the men to try and keep the women from thinking they are equal to them in society. There were three waves of feminism, the first would have been occurring at the time Trifles was written. This wave was focused on the legal inequalities of the time; the most well-known was suffrage, or the right to vote. Since this was the first major movement, it didn’t lead to physical abuse, rather they used words and comments to try and “put the women back in their place”. From these tensions is where Glaspell most likely got her inspiration to write Trifles in…

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