Essay about Treatment Of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Within the reigns of medicine, there are many different pathways that are constantly being explored. Treatment plans are rarely the same for any two people, which makes certain studies of medical practices superior to others during individual times. Depending on the context and situation, either allopathic or traditional Chinese medical practices could be used. From these base categories further specifications can be made. It is becoming more and more popular to see patients want to try to experiment with different solutions due to the negative context surrounding the conventional treatments. Oncology patients are some of the most notorious people to wish to pursue cures while avoiding the intake of drugs. Although there have been cases where Traditional Chinese Medicine has showed sufficient improvement to these patients, ultimately they cause as much if not more harm that the original radiation. The normal radiation process is very rigorous on the body of each patient, and typically exhausts them both mentally and physically. With this, the number of studies that are being done to keep that patient’s best interest in mind are ever growing. Knowing that neither solution is viewed as a “perfect fix”, the idea of mixing the two practices is becoming more prevalent. Integrative medicine is the hybrid of allopathic and traditional Chinese medicine, and it could very easily be the future of medicine as a whole.
Allopathic practices are traditionally what patients think of when…

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