Essay on Treatment And Treatment Of Treating Depression

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Many people are affected by major depression and encounter many issues in their lives because of this illness. Only in the United States of America, 18 million people suffer from depression each year(Thakkar 5). Even though this disease has been known for a very long time and much research has been done on the topic, it is still questionable which treatment is most effective. Finding the best treatment is even harder because not every patient reacts in the same way to a certain form of treatment and remission rates are never 100% with one therapy. There are many different approaches for effectively treating and ultimately curing depression, the most widely known ones are pharmacological and psychotherapeutic but more alternatives exist, which treatment is best differs from patient to patient and has to be decided individually in each case even though research proves certain treatments to be more effective and safe than others.
Probably the most popular and widely applied way of treating depression is to use psychotropic drugs. There are different categories of drugs that can be used to treat depression, the most commonly used ones are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, also referred to as SSRIs. They are popular because their profile of side effects is relatively good and many people respond to this treatment(Thakkar 67). But a big amount of patients does not respond to the first antidepressant prescribed, in those cases other drugs can be used to either replace the…

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