Treadway Tire Company Essay examples

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During 2007 the Treadway Tire Company had produced approximately 25,000 passenger and light truck tires per day. About 1,120 people were employed at the Lima, Ohio location; 970 hourly and 150 were salary. The Lima Plant undergone $100 million dollar expansion and modernization which enabled the plant to increase capacity and utilize new manufacturing technology. Due to the modernization Lima had become one of the company top plants for productivity and quality ratings. In 2006 Treadway closed its Greensville, South Carolina plant, which were plagued by outdated equipment, and move all its volume to the Lima location. As a result Lima shifted to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with four rotating shifts. Most employees work 12 hour …show more content…
There was no formal training for the new line foreman. They were evaluated annually in a performance review. They were judged on their ability to meet forecasts and management of their hourly employees. There were many problems at the Treadway Tire Company. Most of the problems were because they had little to no system in place. The company needs to address a couple of issues: high foreman turnover, long shifts, too many roles of the foreman, too many targets to meet, equipment not working, lack of communication between foreman and union representative, foreman feelings of no authority, and the informal training system. According to Diener, Oishi & Lucas (2003) subjective well being is the way individuals form judgments about their life satisfaction, fulfillment and satisfaction with domains such as marriage and work. In my opinion if the individuals at the Treadway Tire Company were given a job satisfaction survey based on their subjective well being the results would be low. In the case of the Treadway Tire outcome long shifts will affect workers productivity, high foreman turnover will bring employee morale down which too will affect workers productivity.
In Harter, Schmidt & Keyes (2002) review of well being in the workplace and its relationship to business outcomes they noted basic needs in the workplace starts with clarity of expectations and basic materials and

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