Traumatic Experiences Faced by Tina Essay

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This stage consists of feelings towards the offender; it affects the ‘trust’ aspect of the relationship as this case is an intra-familial encounter. This is where more behavioural signs are seen, Tina will feel a disruption in her normal mental functioning. She will seem sad, confused and eventually she will withdraw from her ‘normal’ self. This is the first sign that people close to her will be able to notice a disruption in her life.

• Powerlessness

Powerlessness impairs a child sense of efficacy, a reaction to this stage will be fear and anxiety and total loss of control in situations that resemble the abuse (Finkerlhor & Browne; 1985) & (Schoeman; 2012-2014). As noted in the scenario, Tina already feels like going back home is like being in a trapped hole where she has no control over what happens to her. She fears for her life, she feels more like an object to her brother than a family member

• Betrayal

This refers to a stage in a victim’s life where a number of reactions are noted, during this stage, they suffer feelings of grief and depression. This is coupled with feelings of hostility and anger in young girls of Tina’s age. Distrust may manifest itself in isolation and fear and resentment of males which at a later stage affects their ability to engage in healthy heterosexual relationships (Finkerlhor & Browne; 1985). Tina’s feelings towards her mother; as the person that

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