Translating Translation : Finding The Beginning By Alberto Alvaro Rios

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Language is the skill developed in order to communicate with each other. In the article “Translating Translation: Finding the Beginning” by Alberto Alvaro Rios, the author demonstrates his interpretation of language and translation. In “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass he explain his own experience in trying to learn to communicate. Rios focuses more on translations of language, while Douglass expands on the struggle to learn the language. In both essays, the authors give their own memory with communication.
In Rios’s essay, he describes the duality and ambiguity of language and its significance to translations. At the very beginning of the essay, Rios claimed that English is proved to have tenser vowels than other languages such as Spanish. Since the pronunciations of languages are different, the author claims that “the body itself speaks a language differently. Therefore, moving from one language to another is more than translating words; it is getting the body ready as well.” Rios means language is so important that in changing from different language our bodies change as well. The author himself would know since his first language is Spanish but often speaks English.
All the understanding, interacting, and changing during translations are the elements of language. Rios uses examples from his life to portray the different sides to language. The first example of this is the mixture of colors. His mother says the word "limon", which to her means yellow,…

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