Transitioning From Registered Nurses And Advanced Practice Nurses

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Transitioning from Registered Nurse to Family Nurse Practitioner
Nursing is one of the most skilled professions in today’s society. Currently there is high demand for both general registered nurses and advanced practice nurses (APNs) in all practice settings. The profession of nursing is constantly and rapidly evolving to meet the need of providing safe evidence based patient care in all practice settings and levels. Pursuing a career as a registered nurse can be very rewarding by opening doors to endless opportunities for advancements within the profession. Such advancements can change the level of practice and work environment for a registered nurse. There are many specialties that a registered nurse can choose to practice in; however, in order to change the scope of practice furthering ones’ education is required. Pursuing a master’s degree can take a registered nurse’s career to a wider scope of practice as an advanced practice nurse (APN). A family nurse practitioner is one of many APN specialties that can be obtained by pursuing a master degree. The APN role of a family nurse practitioner is drastically different from that of a general register nurse.
Transition into the role
The transition from a general registered nurse to an advanced practice family nurse practitioner can be a challenging complex process. The differences in the function and scope of practice of the general registered nurse and the family nurse practitioner are like day and night. The…

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