Transition Of A Virtual Workspace Essay

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Transition to a VIRTUAL Workspace,
Strategies & Benefits

Researchers argues that organizations that utilize the structure of virtual teams attract and retain key talents due to the fact that the virtual workspace is characterized by its flexibility which in all essence is a motivator for job fulfilment for most employees. For most organizations, the implementation of the virtual team concept reduces operational cost and travel time for employees. However, notwithstanding of all the gains that come to virtual work teams, the absence of consistent strategic planning and monitoring, these gains will not be realized. Confidence is a vital element needed in establishing a united and efficient team and this however, becomes very difficult of the distance between team members. In the traditional work team setting, trust is built easily as a result of the physical presence of all members which allows them to build close relationship, develop bonds and have greater comprehension of the organizational goals. Also, the consistent communication electronically between members creates a platform that engenders close relationships.
Virtual work teams are susceptible to failure when top management of organizations don’t make the necessary investment in information and commutations technology and training for the workforce. The managers from UK who will coordinate the activities of employees at the virtual office must be trained on how to provide quality leadership by giving…

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