Transgender Identity And Gender Identity Essay

800 Words Nov 8th, 2015 4 Pages
The Unites State has about 700,000 transgender people that have to fight everyday against preconceived ideas that family members and society have about their gender identity. The preconceived ideas are based on the fact that society still doesn’t know the difference between biological sex and gender identification. In biology, sex is defined as anatomical structures that are either male or female. In contrast, gender identity is a personal identification or an inner sense of being a male or female. They are two distinctive concepts. Indeed, society can be very cruel and prejudiced when dealing with individuals that have gender perceptions that don’t relate to their biological sex. Therefore, these actions add difficult life challenges at individuals that are already suffering with personal conflicts. What society needs to understand is that transgender people should have the same rights as everyone else, because being a transgender is not a choice. In fact, transgender people are manifesting the gender identity of their inner sense. An article about transgender issues states that “[t]ransgender people refute the notion that they are somehow being deceptive about their gender and insist they are simply being themselves” (“Transgender Rights”). In other words, transgender people are just following their own gender identification and they disapprove the idea that for some reason they are confused about their gender. Being a transgender person is not like they woke up one…

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