Persuasive Essay About Transgender Equality

Equality for Transgender Individuals Not every human has equal rights. This fact is clearly seen in the LGBT community. The hardest hit members of this community are those that identify as transgender. Transgender people face issues with not being able to use the restrooms that they would like to, and even in some cases being denied a job all because of their gender identity. Why deny humans their rights just because they do not conform to normal gender stereotypes? Transgender individuals deserve the same rights as any other human being. There are many issues surrounding the transgender community. Everyday the problems with transphobic people can make it hard for people to go out and do their normal everyday things. There have been cases …show more content…
Maybe that’s why they feel like the aren’t humans and that they should be treated different than other people. Because they don’t understand what it is. Maybe they think people are just going around and changing their sex for no reason. Being transgender is more to it though. People that are transgender don’t just change their gender identity because they just want to. It’s something more than that, they change it because they feel trapped in the wrong body. You know how most people that are male feel like a man and most people that are female feel like a woman. In transgender people they feel that they are in the wrong body. Feeling as if they were trapped in a body that isn’t theirs. Their physical appearance doesn’t match what they feel on the inside. And there are things that transgender people can do that make them feel more comfortable in their bodies. They include surgeries and taking hormones to get the desired physical affects on their bodies. And sometimes you can tell your child is transgender in ages as young as two. There are many health experts that believe that being transgender doesn’t result from one thing and it isn’t a choice. They believe it to be a complex mixture of biology, psychology, and the person 's

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