Essay about Transforming Christian Theology By Philip Clayton

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In Philip Clayton’s book Transforming Christian Theology, Clayton creates bold statements that challenge the church to move away from recreating the same battles that have been fought so long in the church. One of the most significant battles being conservatism versus liberalism. Instead, he asks the church to address humanity as a whole in view of the gospel. In other words, how do humans relate to God instead of how does God relate to humans. He makes the option to move away from the same theologies that seem to be incompatible with postmodernism.
In part one of his book, Clayton suggests that theology must be modified to fit the age of transition. According to Clayton, this is the age of postmodernism. Anything that people want to be truth is counted as truth in this age. The only way to reveal the actual truth with this generation is by action. By personal testimonies and experiences, the postmodernists are more willing to accept someone else’s truth as real truth. He also mentions that society is constantly changing and that it is always looking and needing new ways to view things. Clayton suggests that Christians stop professionalizing theology and teach it in a way that is relatable to the church of today. Clayton wishes that the church would find meaning in theology and would use it in practical, everyday ways instead of receiving it in an overly-academic manner. He encourages the church to work theology out for themselves, instead of relying on scholars as the only…

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