Essay on Transferance and Counter-Transferance

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Transference and counter transference is one of most important aspects of treatment between patient and practitioner. In a clinical setting we do not always have the opportunity to have consecutive treatments with the same patient and as a result may not be able to acknowledge or notice these occurrences. It is not often that I have the opportunity to see a patient on a regular basis or even twice for that matter. As a result, it is not possible for me to notice or recognize any transference that the patient my have towards me. At times however, I clearly know the impose counter-transference & boundaries issues which patient and I experience. When my patients are of similar race or age range, I feel a stronger tide towards them. …show more content…
I don't know, but I felt I asked the patient questions that she forgot to ask. I also gave her my opinion about treatment principle, which I do not think she appreciated. With my previous interns, I was very much part of the intake and treatment process. The interns and I would ask questions. If one forgot, the other would ask the rest of the questions. By working together we would acquire a full cover intake. I was trained by my previous interns to being an active part of the process, and expected that this past internship was going to be the same but it was not. This particular intern was very arrogant, thought she was always right, and looked down upon me. She made her feelings clear to me and I really hated working with her. I noticed she really hated whenever I gave her any suggestions about treatments principle, even when the supervisor would say the same thing she totally would ignore it. The reason she felt this way, I think, was because she was an intern and I am an assistant. There was definitely a superiority complex/power struggle thing going on here. Maybe she felt humiliated by me noticing thing she did not. I certainly did not mean to humiliate her. I think she should understand, me being an assistant, that I am there to help her. It was not uncommon for her to forget things that I might catch on and let her know. That is what I am supposed to be there for isn't it? In addition to observing, aren't I supposed to assist?

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