Essay about Transcultural Communication At Work ( S2, 2016 )

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Transcultural Communication at Work (S2, 2016)

Assignment 2: Analysis of professional transcultural communication

Student Name: Saya Ageiwa (599909)


The following transcript analysis is based on an interaction of a business meeting between Australian and Indonesian company representatives, where they have met each other for the first time. I will identify, analyse and discuss the transcultural communication difficulties encountered between these two representatives. In addition to the identification of these difficulties, I will propose solutions. Difficulties were found due to the difference in expectations of two participants, which also affected the rapport management.

Identified issues and possible reasons

First of all, one of the major issues found in this interaction is a difference in expectations for the meeting between two participants. Jonathan was disappointed from the beginning of the meeting since the meeting did not meet his expectation. Jonathan was expecting 1) to hold a higher meeting with director president and 2) to close the deal, which are also explicitly expressed in lines 4 and 5. He also expressed his disappointment in lines 6 and 7 “it was most unfortunate that the meeting didn’t take place that I was expecting this morning.” On the other hand, Batara’s expectation for the meeting was totally different from Jonathan’s. Batara has not read the business proposal sent to him three weeks prior to the meeting, thus his…

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