Transactional Contra Transformational Leadership Styles Essay

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The rapid changes in the global world such as rapidly-evolving technologies, and political and social factors have also called for the development of effective leadership skills .Consequently, leadership development programs have become an increasing priority for government organizations. Confusion as management thought has evolved. Even today, it is not easy to define leadership, and given the complexity of the subject, there is no general consensus about delimitation of the field of analysis. According to (Almeida, 2010) definition of leadership is related to the purpose associated with the attempt to define it, and so presents a wide range of possibilities.

In other research, the classical leadership styles, i.e. production-/task-oriented and employee-/relation oriented have been transposed into new dimensions called transactional contra transformational leadership styles described transformational leadership as a process that motivates subordinates by appealing to higher ideals and moral values. The transformational leadership style can be seen as a combination between the employee relation-oriented and the change-oriented leadership styles. A transformational leader can be characterized as a gardener who shapes a developing and growing culture through stimulating and empowering the staff in creative thinking and gives freedom for innovation and individual growth. The following four components are highly valued in transformational leadership: inspirational motivation,…

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