Trans Identities And Narratives With The Speakers Essay

767 Words Nov 8th, 2016 4 Pages
CJ Vondal
WGS 200 The session I was able to go to was Trans-Identities and Narratives with the speakers being Adelynn Mrosko, Janet Martin, and Xanthe Kuhn (all through one of them was not able to appear, not sure which one). It was interesting since the views were from a Male-to-Female and I believe a person who was nonbinary. They both had their own view on the Transgender community, which they put out before they begun to speak. They even stated that everyone has a different experience when transitioning. How small the population the transgender community is, the lacked of education, and how there is no trans language. Which brings up a point Adelynn brought up in her speech that there is no one experience, each person has a different story. It was also brought up about transgender are being confronted on all fronts. Meaning they are treated harshly by both the straight community and the LGB community. There are times that the transgender community even turns on itself. If you think about only about one percent of the world’s population label themselves as transgender, so you would think we should stick together. Yet, the community has the highest rate of suicide, about 41% will attempt suicide. One transgender is killed every 29 hours in the world.
Do you think this is because there is lacked education about gender identity and sexual orientation? On page 100 in Beyond the Binary: Thinking about Sex and Gender, it states,” While several of the…

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